The HIIT, a miracle cure against ageing ?

Do you have busy days and little time to devote to a sporting activity? High Intensity Interval Training The HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training, we can translate into high intensity training. The idea : combine periods of very high intensity effort with periods of rest or recovery. Most of the time we work during the session on 30 seconds of intensive work for 15 seconds of recovery. Nevertheless, more progress one makes, the longer the working time and/or the shorter the rest time. Preserver the DNA with the HIIT It is also important to know that sport, is particularly high intensity, is very beneficial to us.​ Indeed, the human body has evolved by practicing high intensity activities for short periods, and this type of activity seems to be part of our genotype (the genetic composition of the human body). The search confirms it. For example, a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism in 2012 has show that when someone healthy but sedentary people practice intense but. Brif exercises, it produces an immediate change in their DNA. Intensive exercise generates structural and chemical alterations in the DNA molecules of your muscles, and this genetic activation is caused by contractions and causes genetic reprogramming of your muscles to make them stronger. One of the theories of aging is that we age because our cells age. Therefore, if we can control the aging process of our cells, we must be able to control our own aging. This is where the theory of slowing the shortening of telomeres intervene. HIIT also actives the biogenicity of mitochondria, which plays an important role in our longevity. In essence, by reversing the age-related decrease in mitochondrial mass, you are slowing down the aging process. Want to try it out or have more information? Contact TrainSport coaches now to do a HIIT.

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