• Why us

Why us ?


Looking for an effective system of sports support, then stop looking now.The supervision method Train Sport is different from others.

It brings you an effective and sustainable program, lasting in time. The guarantee is the 20 years of experience. The key with Train Sport is to listen to your goals and expectations. It is destined for everyone, from junior to veteran, from novices to the experienced. We offer a fun and varied activity, please refer to the choices.

Train Sport ensures a guaranteed result. After 3 to 4 sessions you will feel the benefits of the activity. No fear to be had, you begin a sport and it is a first, no performance is required. Our expertise is based on the ability to listen and at the level of skill of each person.

As an atheltic individual, a couple or within your company, our experience has demonstrated. Train Sport helps perservere and achieve your own goals in a fun and simplified manner with or without equipment. Couples can do an à la carte activity, share a good time with a friend or a group of friends, create a group dynamic, for a company, a cohesion and for an entrepreneur nothing better than consolidate and optimise skills of each oneor face issues of your company.



When we evoke passion, it is often associated with the term “to be passionate” or “not to be passionate.” Thus, an individual is or isn’t passionate about sport for example. This passion is usually associated with a sense of commitment, optimal performance and overall of positive consequences. Passion represents a force that brings a person to get involved in an activity that they love, that definies him/her (as a sportsman for example) and that is important to that person. Research shows that a particular passion, the harmonious passion, allows a person to function in an optimal way.

A good coach allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

I ask again WHY US? A passion for sport and to convey that harmonious passion.

Our added value :

Offering varied activities

We are all about developing a means based on practicing.

Be dynamic

Deriving from our credibility as athletes.

Motivate you

We hope that these times of sharing will awaken your curiosity.


We do so as we share many things.

Design adaptable programs

Get to know what we offer as individual support.

Adapt to your expectations

Another reason is that we are people of ‘action.’

Our different sport activities :

Various activities that enable you to improve your fitness and well-being through a range of fun exercises that involve working all body muscles.

This option is good when you want to gradually get back into sport. It helps improve cardio respiratory endurance, muscular and bone structure as well as its functioning and reduces the risk of illness, depression and impaired cognitive function.

To gain additional benefits, it is recommended to achieve 2.5 hours a week with muscle strengthening exercises involving all muscles, at a moderate intensity. Understand and know your body is the key to a better life! 

Combat sports is part of a range of sport that has many advantages, especially in regards to the benefits it has on the body.

It develops speed, endurance, reflex and coordination. Like any sport, combat sport also stimulates the heart and blood circulation. Additionally, it helps improve flexibility and body awareness. Kickboxing is not only a set of techniques and combat tactics. It also includes a spiritual component that allows its users to develop and enhance their strength of character as well as determination.

This is the ideal sport if you want to lose weight. In fact you can lose 800 calories in one hour alone!

Groups all endurance activities that aim to improve the heart and lung functions. What it results in is greater endurance everyday, less fatigue during sport activities and overall a much better health.
Bootcamp is designed to push people further than what they would individually achieve in the gym. Bootcamp sessions take place outside in the forest, park or by the sea and is composed of exercises that use body weights as pumps, squats, push-ups and sequential repetitions split up into races and challenges. By working in pairs, 3, 4, 5 or more makes it all the more fun and motivating.
We practice running since a very early age at school or in the garden. This activity’s goal is to go back to the same overall feelings in our body. As you are well aware, this sport is one that focuses on endurance and muscle strength. Running can be in addition to another sport as it is natural. Running is aimed to accustom the body to a prolonged effort by developing lung capacity and blood flow. When running, it is essential to know how to master breathing from the very first to the last breath.

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