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Specialised in Contact sports

I started practicing sport from a very young age. I discovered karaté and obtained my black belt 1st Dan after which I turned to Kickboxing for a few years, on a leisure and competitive level. It was a natural progession for me to become a coach thereon.

I then went on to achieve BMF 3, contact sport recognition. It has now been 20 years since I first began training and today organise training programs for every level, from beginner to advanced.

My speciality lies in combat sports along with the physical preparation for all. My experience was gained through many internships and fights as well as participations in various training on international level.

In parallel, I have also created my very own association called USV KICKBOXING. The association holds a division entirely dedicated to competitions. Today the club counts 50 medals won through various competitions, to include many titles at World Champion and Vice World Champion level.

What I can do for you :

I can offer personalised support and help you achieve your own objective by designing tailored training programs, that remaine comprehensive, effective and fun !

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible"
Tony Robbins


World champion in K1

Student at EDHEC Business School, I practice Kickboxing (boxing using feet/fist) to a high level and have done from a very young age. Through this passion, I was able to acquire a certain rigor. I graduated from BMF3 with a recognition in contact sports, and practice as part of the USV KICKBOXING structure.

Internships and international competitions also helped me in the realms of sport and a relational level. This allowed me to gain valuable experience in the field of sport.

Kickboxing is the art of being able to adapt to your partner. As a result I have been able to develop a skillset of being in tune and have been successful in establishing a program tailored to fit anyone.

As a Kickboxing champion, I not only thrive on, but above all enjoy the challenges I am faced with.

What I can do for you ?

I propose comprehensive programs complemented with support to help you achieve your goal. By working out smarter you will be motivated and find pleasure in sport.

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