Réveil Musculaire

7am to 8am: Train-Sport – gentle muscular awakening
Performing a sports activity on waking allows you to go to the lipid reserves. Those from the first ten minutes of effort. It also wakes up metabolism and reduces stress. Nevertheless, it is not a question of practicing an intensive physical activity but rather a muscular awakening to make our day more dynamic. An advantage of doing sports in the morning? This allows you to have a more regular physical activity because you will have less unforeseen to manage throughout your day.

12h to 13h: Train-Sport – endurance
If you have time for your lunch break you can use it twice a week for sports. This is the ideal time to work on your stamina. A medium intensity sport for a good hour. Just before lunch, hormones that promote destocking are working at full speed.

18h to 19h: Train-Sport – intensity
Your body is at its maximum! Muscular strength and oxygenation are at the top. You risk less injuries because your joints and muscles are more flexible. The ideal activity is to practice an intensive session followed by twenty minutes of stretching or relaxation. Beyond 20h we advise you not to practice a physical activity because it may disrupt your sleep. In conclusion, no matter what time of day you choose, all is that it suits you and allows you to be as regular as possible to achieve your goals. Train-Sport accompanies you in the choice of your moment and puts in place adapted programs.

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