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A flexible personal training and adapted to you

Our private lessons are for all people of all ages and categories. Our program is designed to get back to shape through fun activities allowing everyone involved to have a goal, progress, taste the effort, self-control, self-confidence on various levels of competence.

The idea is to be aware of our health, for those who wish to get back to an activity at their own pace. For the more advanced, we offer programs suited to the chosen activity or a “mix of activities” based on everyone’s expectations with the goal to progress and seek perfection.

To do physical activity does not necessarily correspond to a particular sport but is essential from an early age until as late on in life as possible. Physical activity needs to be adaptable therefore, be it as a child, teenager, adult or elderly.

It therefore seems clear that Marie (40 years old, former professional volleyball player) will not be able to do the same physical activity in terms of quality and quantity and certainly not for the same reasons as Theo (10 years old) at primary school who is in full growth period spending 6 hours a day sat down, or Martine (43 years old), mother of two and working as secretary spending 8 hours a day or even Yves (68 years old), retired gardener with a hip prosthesis!

They all aim for personal development…


55/ session*
Passion Offer – Individual
  • 6 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Muscular strengthening and physical stamina, this pack is recommended for people who have a regular activity that would like support that would allow them to progress steadily.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 4 months and a half
70/ session*
Evolutive Offer – Individual
  • 8 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Technical improvement and mastery of a sport, developing sessions aimed at the efficiency of your body and mind, as well as nutritional advice. Regularity allows the progression and setting of objectives.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 6 months

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