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BootCamp Nice, a group and values

BootCamp is a group, or in its simplest definition, it is a set of individuals considered as one entity. In certain groups, like in a team, or a crowd, people are linked in a physical way, whereas in other examples, such as an organisation or social class, it is not the case.

However, members of a group still share specific traits, for example a common goal, an emotion, values or emotional ties. A crowd involves a group of people, a family is made up of a few people whereas a sports team sits between the two.

The experiences that relate to the sector that we are interested in, pertain to the dynamics of a group. A small core group comprising between approximately 4 to 15 people and who maintain a relatively strong relationship, while pursuing the same goals.

BootCamp perfectly represents a small group. What better way to engage in physical activity than among friends and sharing a moment that strengthens ties.

The result clearly demonstrates better performance, improved motivation along with psychological mood in the group. Performance is not only up to each individual, but it stimulates the group in its joint motivation.

The sense of collective efficiency as a sense of collective responsability shared between individuals when they allocate, coordinate and integrate their resources in a successful response to specific situational demands.

The effort produced by the group, the persistence and the collective performance especially in tasks requiring interaction.

50 /pers./ session*
Passion Offer – Group
  • 6 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Muscle building and physical endurance, this pack is recommended for people who have a regular activity to which the accompaniment will allow a constant progression.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 4 months and a half
65 /pers./ session*
Evolutive Offer – Group
  • 8 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Technical improvement and mastery of a sport, development of sessions aimed at the performance of body and mind, as well as nutritional advice.
  • Regularity allows growth and goal setting.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 6 months

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