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We invite you to find out about our evolutionary programmes, physical activites tailored to elders. If being active is for you then you will find a means of doing it and if not then often you find an excuse… We say, there is no excuse, you’re all concerned!

Out method is destined to all those who wish to maintain their fitness levels and tone up, ever while eliminating generational barriers. This concept is based on techniques that allow to tone nice and slowly and to become stronger.

There are many methods: standing up, sat down, using props against the back, pointed feet and lowered shoulders. You will feel every single part of your body working. I often highlight the area that is of most importance to you : the midriff, the thighs and the tummy. The course is carried out in a fun way, with lots of conversation and in good spirits.

It is particularly good to straighten your back, an issue that often comes up when growing old. From a certain age it is good to do look after of yourself both physically and mentally.

Working your body and head is paramount. There’s also the ambiance created by the one who is teaching. Do not hesitate to share these moments with friends and family. To get into or get back into sport – this is the secret to keeping fit!

Even if we are speaking of a category of “elders” a number of you do not necessarily always have the ‘guts’, are ashamed or are simply not up to par. We all deserve to maintain a healthy life and by taking a class you enrich yourself because we all have the resources within, and something that others can force us to find.

My golden rule is “look out for one another.”

We do not grow old, we gain value!

45/ session*
Passion Offer – Seniors
  • 6 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Muscular strengthening and physical stamina, this pack is recommended for people who have a regular activity that would like support that would allow them to progress steadily.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 4 months and a half
60/ session*
Evolutive Offer – Seniors
  • 8 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Technical improvement and control of a sports activity, the development of the sessions so the objective and the performance time on the physical plane that psychological, advises nutritional. Regularity allows progression and set goals.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 6 months

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