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The values of sport can easily be transposed to the world of business. The intervention of a coach or athlete can enlighten or boost management and employees.

A motivational tenchique that is both original and innovative!

  • A coach or athelete can create a much-neede link and bring in a new dynamic to the company
  • Create a team spirit
  • Facilitate acceptance of chance

Sport can be a useful and strong vehicle for a company.

As a genuine managerial discipline, sport creates bridges between situations and experiences so as to have a better understanding. It is however above all the dreamlike qualities that seduce: the intervention of a personality with rewarding value. Sport makes you aspire and is a positive aspiration, which can be lacking in a business. The term ‘team’ stems from crew, which therefore implies a group embarking on a common destiny wherey everyone is responsible individusally for each and everyone responsible for all.

The coherence therefore represents an essential characteristic of the team that constitutes a whole. Members of the group must therefore coordinate their actions and it in psychological terms refers to coaction.

There is no interaction in teh roles. In order to win it is important to have good players, but they also need to succeed in articulating their actions and that the situation along with the mood within the company for example is not too unfavorable. These various performance components interact.

Individual factors are those found in the analysis of individual performance. To succeed with a good collective performance it is crucial that members are tasked appropriately to their skills, with a strong motivation and finding themselves in a socially favorable environment. Beyond these individual elements are collective factors that appear to be the most important for the performance of the overall team.


55/ session*
Passion Offer – Individual
  • 6 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Muscular strengthening and physical stamina, this pack is recommended for people who have a regular activity that would like support that would allow them to progress steadily.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 4 months and a half
70/ session*
Evolutive Offer – Individual
  • 8 one-hour sessions
  • Goal :
  • Technical improvement and mastery of a sport, developing sessions aimed at the efficiency of your body and mind, as well as nutritional advice. Regularity allows the progression and setting of objectives.
  • "The sessions take place outdoors, at the places that suit you."
  • Validity: 6 months

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