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Launch of Train-Sport offers for companies

It is with great pleasure that the Century 21 Putney offices in London, Hyde Park have discovered the Bootcamp. Centred around the common theme of cohesion, the teams from each office went through a series of exercises and challenges for an hour.
This sport is a physical activity straight from the United States and is practiced outdoors. Each session breaks down into several repetitions of exercises using body weight.

Bootcamp is an activity suitable for everyone, and allows you to focus your team around sporting values. It can also improve the productivity and camaraderie of your team.
A session lasts one hour and takes place outdoors.
The concept of Train-Sport is very simple: adapt the sport to companies. Sport can be a strong and useful vehicle for a company, providing an internal dynamism that is felt internally and then directly by all of its stakeholders.
The values of sport can easily be transposed to the corporate world, and the intervention of a coach can enlighten management and reboost employees.

The benefits of Bootcamp:
The sport creates bridges between situations and experiences, which allow a better understanding, and it works well as an original and innovative motivational technique.

Do not hesitate and implement this new concept in your company.
Put your company under the sign of the sport and observe the benefits with all of your collaborators.
Train-Sport offers Bootcamp adapted to your company according to your objectives.

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